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Earns Trust
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Committed To Safety
Our Safety Responsibility = Serious Business

We have a responsibility:
  •  To keep our team members safe
  •  To contribute to your project's overall safety 
Whitehead Electric's behavioral based safety program focuses on building a culture of safety at Whitehead. Our crews start each day with Pre Job Hazard Analysis and integrate them in their daily planning through "Daily Toolbox Talks". This keeps safety an integrated part of doing great work in the field.
The Whitehead Electric Company's Safety meets or exceeds all requirements as outlined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). It has also been reviewed and approved by some of the most safety conscious clients involved in Construction.
At Whitehead, we use safety attitude and performance as criteria for field employee evaluations as well as a rating system for our superintendents and foremen during performance reviews.  Most importantly, that the safety culture we have built continues to grow stronger as we add staff.
A Pro-Active Approach
Our Safety Programs