At Whitehead Electric Company, Inc., we take pride in providing our customers high quality services personalized to their unique needs. We combine the strengths of all our teams with our processing industry expertise to develop the best solutions for your project needs. Our staff members are professional, courteous, and efficient.

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We provide a variety of services including:

Commercial Electrical
    Retail storefronts, Office Buildings,     Hospitals, Warehouses, Hotels, Medical     Clinics, Water Parks, Urban Developments,     and everything in between.

Industrial Electrical
   With decades of experience in the Industrial     Electrical field, Whitehead Electric is a name     you can trust for your industrial electrical     needs. From new construction projects and     machinery installations to ongoing     contractual maintenance coverage and     emergency breakdown repair, we have the     experience and the expertise your company     needs to keep your facilities running.

​    Whether you need voice, data, video,      personal safety (fire alarms, security     systems, etc.) Whitehead Electric can help     your business stay connected. 

Whitehead Electric Company

  We believe that a part of showing good ethics      to our customers is valuing your investment in    our company. We intend to provide the correct    type of installation and ensure you receive the    quality products your company desires while      fully honoring the specifications and                    expectations set forth by the customer.